18 K Gold Band

Welcome to Committed to the World. The goal of this project is to creatively raise money for philanthropic causes around the globe. For more background, visit our homesite at: www.committedtotheworld.org


Soon after the earthquake struck Haiti, the “Social Forum” from the University of Idaho began an effort to raise money for relief efforts. Dropped amid the dollar bills and coins in their donation box was this stunning 18K gold ring.¬† The student group contacted the Committed to the World site and we are now selling it here.

You can help by bidding on the ring by April 30th (see details below). We recently sold a 3.2 carat diamond ring for $22,000, which was featured on The Huffington Post, The Oregonian, GeckoGo, Bradt Travel Guides, and on several radio stations including Here on Earth from Wisconsin Public Radio.

Committed to the World supports various¬† “Vagabond Philanthropist” around the world. The money from this particular ring will go to Nancy Casey. A local radio personality in Moscow, Idaho, Nancy first visited Haiti in 1995 and has since become deeply connected to the culture; she’s learned Creole and has cultivated an intimate network of Haitian friends and family. After the earthquake, Nancy noticed how most of the aid went to urban areas. It made sense; it’s where most of the damage occurred. But Nancy wants to address problems now mounting in the countryside, which has absorbed thousands of displaced, injured, and traumatized people who fled the city.

Nancy has a huge amount of resepct for the Haitian’s tenacity to work through problems. She provides her assistance carefully, but ultimately lets the locals take the lead: Nobody understands Haiti’s problems better than Haitians.

For more information about Nancy, click here for a letter she recently wrote from Haiti.

Here is a picture of Nancy and her friend Johnny as they prepare to plant a garden in Haiti:

Appraisal Specs:

18 KY
9 mm width
6.48 DWT (penny weight)
Size: 9.75
Retail Value: ~$1,000

If you are interested in bidding on the ring, please do the following:

1) Scroll to the bottom of this page and click “comments” (it’s tiny so squint!)

2) Enter a user name (doesn’t have to be real name)

3) Enter email address

4) Enter bid

4) Click submit

You will be contact shortly after your comment submission for verification.

Auction ends on April 30th at 12:00 pm (noon) PST

Questions? Email: mail@committedtotheworld.org


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